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Your participation in the debate  should be  the answer to at least 3  questions, in a short essay (800 to 1200 characters), or a comment to your colleague’s answer   (you can also comment on a comment – the program has two levels). For the  answer is two weeks, and then I close the list of panelists (it can not last longer because at  the end of the semester, I couldn,t manage to check  all at the same time).
All Questions-topics will be 5and  on at least three must be answered. Rating scale 0-10. The assessment is a way of arguing, and not opinions. You can take part in more than three debates. You can also take part more than once  in one debate.

The other 50 points are to gain for your team-presentation.  For mark 5 more than 80, for 4 more than 70, for 3 more than 60.



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