4. Energy

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  1. We all know that resources like coal, gas and oil are limited. There are some solutions to change the way of energy production. Some of them are now really fashionable. For example solar or wind power stations are presented as a future for our power demand. Supporters of nuclear fission power seems to be much quieter after Fukushima accident and I’m not so optimistic of wind and solar energy. This Desert Energy Project sounds more like utopia for many reasons and one of them could be the lack of political stability in that key region. Building the same solar power facilities in Europe is totally inefficient. They are requiring the huge amount of space and European sun is not as bright as this above the Sahara desert. Wind technology is just not enough efficient and there are some problems with the noise which wind farms are generating. However there is a hope. First of all countries like Poland (with big coal resources) should invest in CTL technology. Coal To Liquid technology is well known, invented many years ago technology which allows to change coal into oil. It’s an only way to make oil prices stabile when it’s resources will be diminishing. It will also give time to improve the electric vehicles technology because this seems to be the future of transport. But how to produce electricity? There is a technology which is called the Cold Fusion. Few years ago it was only a physicists dream but in 2011 first Cold Fusion test reactor was launched in University of Bologna. Cold Fusion is cheaper, more efficient than nuclear fission and what is more important it’s much safer. Maybe this will be the future of energy production, time will tell.

  2. Energy sources are one of significant issue nowadays. There are voices for green energy resources, and I believe that these ideas will be more and more improving in the future. We can still use sources as gas, coal or oil, but at some point we will find ourselves where they all run out and there must be find an alternative for that. Using nuclear fission power is also not the perfect idea, especially when we pay attention to what happened in Japan last year after the earthquakes hit the country.
    Renewable energy as sunlight, wind, tides or geothermal could be a good solution and alternative for previous ones, but still such projects are too expensive. Anyway, they should be supported by developed countries, mainly because it is in their own interest to, let’s say, not to be empty-handed in the next tens of years.
    There has been appeared and idea of Desert Energy Project, which could solve the problem of exhaustible energy sources. That Initiative will costs billions or even more and might seem a bit utopian for some, but according to climate change problem, it would have a great positive impact on environment, with no doubt.

  3. Definitely, when considering the energy issue, we should take into account both the expansion of green energy resources and increasing electricity efficiency. The biomass, water, wind or solar energy stations are more and more popular, however still the green technologies are much more expensive than traditional ones, which seems to be the main obstacle in their expansion. On the other hand, they are becoming an important element in modern societies and have their support. Another thing to do is to use more efficient technologies, which consume less energy. Fortunately, this is becoming an element of corporate social responsibility. Yearly, average consumption growth is 2-3%. Of course, the main factor contributing to it is not only in general industry, but the growth of world population as well. In my opinion, there is not enough political will at the moment to enter into force on global scale higher standards in energy sector that could be effectively controlled and sanctioned. Finally, Old Europe is promoting hard green energy, as it possess the best technologies in this field to sell.


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