Ukrainain Elections: European victory and defeated Putin

Elections in Ukraine gave clear result. The choice fell on Europe and orientation to the West. The winners are primarily two parties of president Poroshenko (23%) and Prime Minister Arseniy Jaceniuk (22%).

Ukrainian election results have historical significance for the whole Europe. They confirm not only support for the groups grew up  from the “revolution of dignity” on the Maidan, but draw a fairly clear and stable shape of the Ukrainian current political life, despite unprecedented pressure, provoked by  the Russian aggression and poor economic situation. Ukrainian voters refused to be as well to be fooled by populist parties that are  in the  narrow minority.

Ukraine appears for the first time as a country and a state  with a clear and readable distribution of political sympathies. Ukraine gained Parliament capable of carrying out deep and necessary reforms.

In this situation, the big loser of the Ukrainian election seems to be Russian President Putin, who most obviously failed to destabilize the Ukrainian political life. Finally, the Ukrainian vote has exposed his lies about temporality of Ukrainian statehood and the alleged huge influence of „fascism” in Ukraine. Ukrainian voter has less sympathy for the nationalists that happens in many countries of the European Union itself, not to say  of Russia itself.

With the ukrainian elections Europe should be understood as broader, bigger and stronger.



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